Belle Plaine Youth Grant Application

Grants are limited to projects benefiting youth in Belle Plaine and Mulvane areas (This form may be recreated on a computer as long as questions are included in the same order. Please answer all questions and include all required information. Thank you.)

Legal name of applicant organization

Primary contact person and title

Mailing address



What is the organization’s primary service mission and client group?

Has your organization received a grant(s) from the Belle Plaine Community Foundation in the past? If so, please provide a brief statement including the date the grant(s) was received (month/year) and the name of the project(s) OR include a copy of the grant evaluation form(s). If your organization has received a grant in the past OR receives a grant as a result of this application, your organization will only be eligible for this or future grants if the grant evaluation form has been/is submitted.

Name of the project or program you are seeking funding for:

Amount requested:

Beginning and ending date for this project or program /

Is the project self-sustaining or will funds be needed to continue it?

Please explain how your project benefits youth who reside in Belle Plaine and/or Mulvane school districts and the approximate number of youth in the Belle Plaine/Mulvane areas who will benefit from your project.

Is there a plan for matching funds for this project?

Please limit your narrative to a total of 2 typed pages for these four questions.

1. Project Description: Briefly describe the project or program

2. Who Benefits?: Briefly describe who will benefit and how

3. How will we know the project worked? How will outcomes/results be measured for this project?

4. Budget and Narrative: Show us how the money from a grant to this project would be used.

Applicant Signature

Title Date

Please send grant applications to:

Belle Plaine Community Foundation

PO Box 285, Belle Plaine KS 67013-0285

DUE DATE: Friday, November 8, 2019