You can create a bright future for the place you call "HOME"

As estates pass from one generation to the next, the transfer of wealth in Kansas is estimated to be $1.9 trillion by 2030. Many people allocate their entire estate to their children. If those children have left Kansas, the inherited wealth leaves too.

What does this mean for Kansas? Together, up to $6.1 billion could go back into our towns and cities by 2050 if we Keep 5 in Kansas by capturing just 5% of this wealth transfer. That’s millions of dollars that could be invested to provide sustainable funding for the causes that truly make a difference. Just imagine the possibilities for your community!

Generational Wealth Transfer by 2050

Chautauqua County


Cowley County


Sumner County


Think about what matters to you...It just takes a small gift — as little as 5% of an estate — to make a big impact! You can provide permanent support to organizations and projects you care about when you establish a fund through Legacy.

Charitable work in Cowley County communities could benefit with up to $85 million by 2030 if we Keep 5 At Home.

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