Legacy Regional Community Foundation accepts grant applications on a open basis. The Grants Committee meets monthly to review all complete applications and responds within six to eight weeks.

Use the following link to download the application for easy preparation:


Areas Not Funded

            • Individuals
            • For-Profit Organizations
            • Projects that promote a particular theology
            • Past Operating Deficits
            • Travel including school field trip transportation
            • Conferences
            • Undefined Operational Support

Legacy Community Foundation has these rules for recipients of grants made in the name of the Foundation:

    1. Any mention of the grant, (whether in the notification letter, publicity surrounding the grant, pubic announcement of grant recipients, printed information about grant awards, etc.) will include the name of the Foundation and, if specified by the Foundation, the name of the donor who originated funding. (Example: Funding for this project comes from Legacy Community Foundation with assistance from the Kansas Health Foundation.)
    2. The recipient is responsible for ensuring that the grant is used for the purpose indicated in the grant request.
    3. Legacy Community Foundation is responsible to the IRS for reporting on where the money goes and what is done with it. Failure to do so jeopardizes our charitable status. For this reason, we require a report from the agencies we fund. Recipients are required to submit a written report which includes a general accounting of all disbursements upon expiration of the grant. Receipts for expenditures are not required.

Ark City Public Schools Enhancement (ACE) Fund

Teacher Mini-Grant Application