Think about what matters to you in our community. 

The church where you worship.  The schools your children attend.  The park where your grandchildren love to play.  A local charity you care deeply about.  How can you ensure that these important places and services endure for future generations? 

Legacy Regional Community Foundation also cares about these institutions. Let us help you through three simple steps - GIVE, GROW, and GRANT.

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Establishing a fund with Legacy provides permanent support to organizations and projects in our community.  Legacy accepts a wide variety of assets and can facilitate complex forms of giving while offering maximum tax advantages.  We can also partner with your professional advisors.  Let us get to know you, manage the details and help you achieve your charitable purpose!  Through Legacy, donors generously gave over $1 million in 2023.

Legacy focuses on stewardships of your gifts.  The foundation multiplies the impact of your donation by pooling your giving with other gifts and grants.  Legacy leverages "buying power" to earn investment income, enabling a gift to make a greater impact than it could on its own.  In 2023, Legacy assets grew to over $10.8 million.

Grants and scholarships to charitable causes are distributed from foundation investment earnings.  Legacy works in the community to aid nonprofit organizations, monitor economic conditions, identify social needs, and produce sustainable solutions to community challenges. In 2023, because of YOU, over $787,000 was awarded to benefit our region.