Meet The Board

"A wise man plants trees under which he will never sit” ~ Chinese Proverb

“This statement may be just a saying but at Legacy, Regional Community Foundation we believe it. At our heart we believe that by our work we actually make a difference for the future.” Marcia Stultz, Past Chairman.

Lindsay Wilke

USD 470

(Arkansas City)

2022 Board of Directors

    • Lindsay Wilke, Chair

    • Eddie Weigle, Vice-Chair

    • Karen Zeller, Secretary/Treasurer

    • Mandy Cannon

    • Alex Gottlob

    • Jill Kuehny

    • Jeff Long

    • Madison Metzinger

    • Marcia Stultz

Mandy Cannon

RCB Bank


Alex Gottlob, Chair

Gottlob Lawn & Landscape LLC


Jeff Long

City of Winfield


Jill Kuehny

KanOkla Networks


Madison Metzinger

Daniels Ready Mix

(Arkansas City)

Marcia Stultz

Retired - Union State Bank

(Arkansas City)

Eddie Weigle

Big Head Endian


Karen Zeller

Retired - Zeller Motor Company

(Arkansas City)

Legacy Champions

Board of Directors - past and present

David Andreas

Warren Andreas

Donna Avery

Jack Baird

Seth Bate

Thomas Bechtel

Dolly Bonfy

Sue Simmons Bossi

Laurence Brockway

Judy Clark

Michelle Chrisler

Jana Dobbs

Don Drennan

Dorothy Flottman

Dave Galliart

Alex Gottlob

Judy Haggard

Janis Haynes

Carol House

Heidi Hill

Steve Hill

Doug Hisken

Mark Horning

Phil Jarvis

Jill Kuehny

Jeff Long

Angela Madden

Scott McClure

Damon Mendoza

Madison Metzinger

Pete Miller

Olive Milner

Mike Morton

Patty Neises

Bryan Pearce

Steve Perkins

Warren Porter

Dared Price

Sid Regnier

Nola Riggs

Terry Sisson

Jean Snell

Susanne Stark

Helen Storbeck

Robert Storbeck

Marcia Stultz

Greg Thompson

Mari Wallrabenstein

Tom Wallrabenstein

Eddie Weigle

Lindsay Wilke

Yazmin Wood

Ryan Woods

Karen Zeller