Meet The Board

"A wise man plants trees under which he will never sit” ~ Chinese Proverb

“This statement may be just a saying but at Legacy, Regional Community Foundation we believe it. At our heart we believe that by our work we actually make a difference for the future.” Marcia Stultz, Past Chairman.

Alex Gottlob, Chair

Glottlob Lawn & Landscape LLC


2021 Board of Directors

    • Alex Gottlob, Chair

    • Lindsay Wilke, Vice-Chair

    • Eddie Weigle, Secretary/Treasurer

    • Mandy Cannon

    • Jeff Long

    • Damon Mendoza

    • Marcia Stultz

    • Karen Zeller

Mandy Cannon

RCB Bank


Jeff Long

City of Winfield


Damon Mendoza

Union State Bank

(Arkansas City)

Marcia Stultz

Retired - Union State Bank

(Arkansas City)

Eddie Weigle

Big Head Endian


Lindsay Wilke

USD 470

(Arkansas City)

Karen Zeller

Retired - Zeller Motor Company

(Arkansas City)