Teacher Mini Grant Application

Teacher Mini Grant Application sponsored by Family Wealth Management

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Legacy Regional Community Foundation

Teacher Mini-Grants Application

Supported by a gift from Mike Harvey in celebration of 25 years of Family Wealth Management

I. Introduction

Through this Request for Proposals (RFP), the Legacy Regional Community Foundation (Foundation) will provide teacher mini-grants to teachers in public schools in Cowley County. These Teacher Mini-Grants are supported by a gift from Mike Harvey in celebration of 25 years of Family Wealth Management. His goal is to enrich, enhance and support teachers in Cowley County schools. The grants are offered to teachers as a means of encouraging innovative classroom projects. Items that are included in the normal funding process for your USD will not be considered. Twenty-five (25) grants in the amount of $100 for projects to be completed during the current school year will be awarded.

II. Who May Apply

Eligible applicants must be classroom teachers serving a public elementary school located within Cowley County and willing to assume fiduciary responsibility for the grant funds. Eligible applicants must submit a completed grant application in order to be considered.

III. Available Funding and Grant Period

Applicants are eligible to apply for one mini-grant for $100. Applications accepted between October 19, 2019 and October 19, 2020 or funds are expended. Legacy Foundation funds for this project must be distributed by December 31, 2020.

IV. Grant Exclusions

Teacher Mini-Grant funding will not be used for lobbying as defined by the US Internal Revenue Code (IRC), section 4945(d)(1). Additionally, funding will not be used for any of the following activities: medical research, contributions to capital campaigns, operating deficits or retirement of debt, endowment programs not initiated by the Foundation, activities supporting political candidates or voter registration drives, as defined in IRC section 4945(d)(1), vehicles (such as vans or buses), medical equipment, construction projects or real estate acquisitions, direct mental health services, direct medical services, grants to individuals, annual fund drives, or fundraising events.

V. Reporting Requirements

Teacher Mini-Grant awardees will be required to submit a report related to their proposed activities and objectives at project completion including a clear statement of purpose and focus on programmatic goals.

  • Grant recipients must account for expenditures and write a brief evaluation of the project at its conclusion.
  • Photographs, visuals and other publicity items related to the project should be submitted with the evaluation and returned to Legacy upon completion.
  • The Legacy Grants Committee encourages teachers and administrators to actively promote sharing of successful projects with their departments, their schools, and the community.
  • Recipients should also pursue appropriate media opportunities during the project. Legacy should be acknowledged as the source of funds in all publicity concerning the project. This recognition will help Legacy Foundation grow so that it might have funds for future grants.
  • Materials and equipment purchased with grant funds will remain property of your USD.

VI. Grant Submission

  • The application should be clearly written or typed and be understandable by non-educators.
  • Completed forms must be emailed to Legacy Foundation admin@legacyregionalfoundation.org
  • Recipients will be notified via email within six weeks of making application.
  • If you have any questions related to the application process, please contact Yazmin Wood, Executive Director, at yazmin.legacy@yahoo.com.


Note: This form may be recreated on a computer as long as questions are included in the same order. Only completed applications will be considered.

Project Title: __________________________________________________________________

Applicant name and position: ________________________________________________

School: ____________________________ Phone: ________________Your phone:___________

Approximate number of students impacted: __________

1. Proposed Project.

Please summarize the project in 250 words or less, including benefit to targeted students and educational goals/objectives.

2. Evaluation.

Explain how and when you will measure the project’s success.

Statement of Commitment

As the party responsible for the completion of the proposed project, the undersigned pledge to:

· Submit to Legacy Foundation, receipts of funds expended as part of this grant. (Materials will be ordered through your USD, to be reimbursed by Legacy Foundation.)

· Submit a picture and a few sentences regarding the value added to your classroom through this grant within thirty (30) days of completing the project, but not later than May 15, of the current school year.

I recognize that providing the accounting, reporting and publicity items listed above is a condition of funding and therefore, is my/our obligation if awarded the grant.

Signatures of Applicant and Principal:

_____________________________________________________ Date ________________


_____________________________________________________ Date ________________