Arkansas City Public Schools Enhancement (ACE) Fund

ACE Fund

The ACE Fund, officially known as the Arkansas City Public Schools Enhancement Fund, functions by the work of volunteers who care about Arkansas City and its youth.  It exists solely with tax deductible donations under the umbrella of the Legacy Regional Community Foundation.

This fund was established in 2005 as a charitable fund for the purpose of supporting students and teachers in USD 470.  Teachers can apply for grants for innovative classroom projects.  Currently, grant money is being put to use in 8 individual classrooms, and 2 additional grants are being used for multiple classrooms.  In 2023, 18 ACHS seniors were awarded scholarships to help advance their post high school educations.  The scholarships awarded range from $300 to the Robert Warrender scholarship of $1,000 which is renewable for four years.

The money to support these endeavors comes from individual donations, group donations and endowment funds.  When funds are endowed, the original donation remains intact to establish a perpetual fund, and scholarship money is awarded from the fund's earnings.  Endowments are ideal for those wishing to establish a scholarship in memory of or in honor of individuals or families.  Contributions which are not endowed are spent for teacher/classroom grants and general scholarships.

Endowed scholarships have been established by the K.E. Bryant Family, Gene and Sally Burr, Robert and Marcia Childers, Janet English, Angela Harding, Norman and Joline Iverson, Nick and Christie Rogers, Jay and Nancy Warren and Robert Warrender.  Scholarships established by groups include:  Class of 1955, Class of 1957, Class of 1959, Friends of A.F.S., and ER Chapter of P.E.O.

In addition to grants and scholarship, the ACE Fund worked for an extended time to rejuvenate the Senior Picture Panels that once hung in the halls of the high school with money that was specifically donated for that purpose.  Finally, with help from USD 470 and the Technology department, the pictures are available digitally in the lobby of ACHS on a touch screen.  The gallery containing senior pictures dating back to 1905 can also be accessed online at under the "Our District" tab.

For information on donating to ACE Fund or creating an endowed scholarship fund, call the Legacy Regional Community Foundation office at (620) 221-7224.

Donations can be sent to P.O. Box 701, Arkansas City, KS 67005.

You may also contact current committee members:  Iva Lea Bryant, Joan Caldwell, Alisha Call, Marcia Childers, Amy Massey, Kathy Morris, Terry Eaton Naden, Leslie Patterson or Evelyn Shoup.

Scholarship Descriptions

2021 ACE Scholarship Guidelines.pdf