Five things about community foundations

Post date: Nov 1, 2017 8:03:36 PM

Here’s the case: community foundations are cool. Community foundations work in the great philanthropic space at the intersection of caring individuals, service-minded nonprofits, socially responsible corporations and local governments.

1. Legacy Regional Community Foundation works with generous people of all stripes. Through a variety of services, community foundations provide donors with tools to leverage their generosity as an extension of their priorities. Give a little or a lot. Land, stocks, life insurance, bequests, and other gifts (including cash) are accepted here. And, at Legacy Foundation, we have funds that cover a wide range of interests, causes, and more. Think about what you care most to support and we can help you to establish an endowed fund that will continue growing and giving in perpetuity or you can pass a tax-deductible gift to an existing charitable cause.

2. Community foundations know the community. Legacy Regional Community Foundation has “community” smack dab in the middle of our name! Our mission is to create a stronger future for our area by building endowments, providing informed leadership and connecting donors to the critical needs of the region. We monitor economic conditions and social needs. We know the area nonprofits organizations and we’re helping them with their challenges while connecting to their strengths. We research questions about area programs and connect donors with charities doing the work they value most. And, we live here…we are committed to making Cowley County a better place for everyone.

3. Community foundations convene people and organizations. Through grant making, community contacts, and leadership, Legacy Foundation regularly brings people together to work on the most critical needs in our region. From projects such as Vision 20/20 to creating the Community Health Center and Angels in the Attic, with over 160 active funds, Legacy is working.

4. Community foundations help individuals, companies and nonprofit organizations invest wisely. Not only does Legacy Foundation help direct funds for best use, but we allow financial benefits, too. Our services help donors bypass the costs and hassle of setting up private foundations, while offering privacy (noting that private foundations’ giving and assets are publicly assessable and searchable) and the added benefit in pooling resources that are jointly invested and managed for growth and long-term support of community need.

5. We give money away. Since 2000, grants total nearly $3 million.

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