3-Steps to Rally Cowley

1. Take the Pledge

2. Support the Rally Cowley Relief Fund

3. Celebrate Match Monday

Step 1.

We invite everyone to join us in making these commitments and collectively holding ourselves accountable to them by taking the pledge.

We recognize the critical need to act with fierce urgency to support the people of Cowley County as well as the businesses, nonprofit partners, and individuals working in healthcare, government, and emergency response hit hardest by the impacts of COVID-19.

We must stand together. By acting together, we believe we can persevere in this critical moment and be stronger for our trials. Download the pledge here


Over the days, weeks, and months ahead, I pledge to:

  • Be safe by practicing recommendations for hand washing, self-distancing, and staying at home, as directed.
  • Be healthy by utilizing this time to make good choices regarding my home, family and friends, my health, my responsibilities and my future.
  • Be kind by practicing patience whenever possible.
  • Be supportive of local businesses – now and in the future - jeopardized through no fault of their own, yet striving to continue to serve our community.
  • Be generous by contributing to local community-based emergency response funds and other efforts to address the health and economic impact on those most affected by this pandemic.
  • Be hopeful proactively and regularly communicating accurate information and positive news whenever possible.

Step 2. Support Small Business and Community People

You buy local. We'll give local. Share the love.

When you purchase E-gift cards for your favorite local small businesses through the program set-up by the Arkansas City and Winfield Area Chambers of Commerce, then Legacy Foundation will match your purchase amount with a gift to the Rally Cowley Relief fund (up to a total match of $20,000) supporting food pantries and other basic needs for individuals and families in our community.

So, if you spend $100 on an E-gift card through this program to be used at your favorite local small business, a local family in need will receive $100 in support for food, utility, rent, food, or prescription drug costs through our area nonprofits such as Angels in the Attic, Cowley Cares Coalition at Eagle Nest, Inc, or Joseph's Storehouse in the coming months as the impact of this crisis hits home.

Direct donations to the fund will also be accepted. Mail a check today to: Legacy at PO Box 713, Winfield, KS 67156 (note "Rally Cowley" on the memo line) or online at Rally Cowley Relief.

For more information on ways to give to Legacy and Rally Cowley visit "How To Give."

Step 3. Match Monday-June 15

One big, bold opportunity. One day. Just 24 hours. Lasting impact.

PowerPoint for Website and Social Media.pptx
Video sharing some of the nonprofit and charitable funds at Legacy.

Our generous donors gave over $34,000 in support of local nonprofits on MATCH MONDAY. Large and small gifts combined for significant impact.

For one day, every dollar given to eligible local nonprofit endowments at Legacy Foundation was matched by Legacy with half of the match to the endowment and the other half to the nonprofit for use right away.

Now, more than ever, we recognize the need for that "rainy day" nest egg that helps us to weather the storms of life. A permanent endowment fund is an important tool to help nonprofit organizations create that critical safety net.

For more information regarding how to contribute to an existing endowment fund or start one of your own contact Legacy at admin@legacyregionalfoundation.org or call 620-221-7224.